• "Narciso gives an emotional tour de force as a father mourning a dead son [in The Public's TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS].” - Zachary Stewart

  • "There are nuanced pleasures also in the work of Narciso as the level-headed Gerald [in Roundabout Theatre's Time AND THE CONWAYS]” - David Rooney

  • "There are moving performances [in LAByrinth Theatre's production of THINNER THAN WATER] , particularly from Mr. Narciso, who is both defensive and contrite about Gary's shortcomings." - David Rooney

  • "The cast [of SoHo Rep's production of THE UGLY ONE] lights into the roles with gusto... the suitably handsome Mr. Narciso, in the central role, makes clear the various turning points in Lette's journey from unpleasant self-awareness to psychological dislocation." - Charles Isherwood

  • "[Fellow cast members of Studio Dante's production of SAFE] are pretty good; Mr. Narciso is better. His character, despite the dimwittedness, is the one you're still pondering on the way home." - Neil Genzlinger

  • "The company's [of New York Theatre Workshop's THE MISANTHROPE] naked-soul acting is not without dividends... Alfredo Narciso presents what may be the play's one genuinely contemporary portrait as the poet Oronte... " - Ben Brantley

  • "... the charming Alfredo Narciso [in Partial Comfot's 'NAMI]..." - Jason Zinoman


  • "... the wonderful Alfredo Narciso [in Partial Comfort's AFTER]... a preternaturally elegant cipher... his sweet-natured paralysis transcends melancholy to become charismatic absence, a portrait of damage that, unlike Monty's real-life antecedents, cannot be ignored." - Helen Shaw

  • "Ultimately, the play [The Public's TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS] is saved—and the 80 minutes on stage made worthwhile—by the last question, asked by a grieving father (played by Narciso)...As he goes through his list, his anguish is almost overwhelming to watch. It’s an extraordinary performance because it doesn’t feel like a performance at all—the moment is real and wrenching.” - Janice Kaplan


  • "Narciso [in Partial Comfot's AFTER] gives a textured performance... one of the New York theater scene's better-kept secrets... " - Doug Strassler

  • "... Narciso, an actor of immense credibility and stage presence, can sell these monologues [in New York Theatre Workshop's RED DOG HOWLS] like Rumplestiltsken spinning gold..." - Doug Strassler


  • "Narciso is especially heartbreaking in the climactic segment about a father whose son was killed by a drunk driver [in The Public's TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS].” - Jesse Green

  • "Narciso is spectacular, an actor of primatic nuance - he takes us [in Partial Comfort's AFTER] from fearing him to fearing for him, and back again, in two nervous blinks." - Scott Brown


  • “[Narciso is] especially fine [in The Public's TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS]” - Frank Rizzo

  • "... a sweet slacker in Alfredo Narciso's appealing perf [in LAByrinth's THINNER THAN WATER]." - Marilyn Stasio

  • "Alfredo Narciso is one slippery charmer [in Theater for a New Audience's MEASURE FOR MEASURE] as Lucio, the most vicious gossip in the cannon." - Marilyn Stasio

  • "Narciso's Nero [in American Repertory Theatre's BRITANNICUS] manages to have charm as well as command, making him a believable ruler, even as he turns into the compliant son." - Frank Rizzo

  • "Alfredo Narciso possesses the right G.I. swagger [in Princeton Repertory Theatre's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING] and a reasonable measure of galantry as the bantering bachelor Benedick. He proved to be humorously gullible when his buddies fabricate the dubious ardor of Beatrice. The eavesdropping scene is delightfully peppered with somersaults and comic pratfalls." - Robert L. Daniels