Alfredo is a native of Wisconsin (born in Milwaukee and raised in Eau Claire) and is the progeny of a Brazilian mother and a Filipino father (a Brazilipino, if you will). He attended the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, where he majored in Theater Arts with a minor in Sociology. After testing the limits of the term 'super-senior', he graduated and headed to NYC. Shortly after arriving, he began working with Jim Simpson’s company (The Bats) down at the Flea Theater. After numerous productions there (including a trip to the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Australia) he branched out and has worked with many other companies including: Partial Comfort ProductionsLAByrinthEnsemble Studio TheaterThe Actor’s Studio and New Neighborhood, all of which he is now a member.  In addition to acting, he juggles, unicycles, is a skilled guitarist and produces films with Locus Focus Productions, which he co-founded.